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“There does appear to be a transmission between one who has realized and one who has not but there is actually no transmission because there is no separation, no distance between them.
One is water and the other is an ice cube melting in that water only to find out eventually that it too is just that same water.”


Wild dogs

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Wild dogs

She was born under a pile of wood, mum died defending here from another wild dog. We called her Polly and loved her to bits but wild dogs are wild dogs and one day about a year or so later we went to the beach and BIG Polly felt the call and decided she wanted a new life. We never saw her again.


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There is a desire that arises in the human form which is stronger than all other desires, of which all other desires are but a watered down version. This desire is the desire to be desire-less, to be utterly absent of the arising energy that is experienced as desire. As a young child we were desire-less but this original natural state was lost when we had the idea of time implanted in our mind by the adults around us. We were taught that another moment, which in truth does not exist, contained more than the present moment in which we were present and a sense of lack arose within what was essentially a full and complete experience. From then on we lost the absence of desire that up until that point had accompanied us at all times and became strangers to our natural state.

There is therefore also a conflict with this desire to be absent of desire as it involves the death of the one that is presently imagined to be what one is. The one that we truly are is complete and ever present but the one that we imagine our self to be is by its very nature incomplete and must remain so if it is survive. This one lives in the imagined past or future as an image in the mind that it holds of itself. What we desire the most is the absence of our self as this imagined separate being for as this one there is always conflict and suffering. These things are present because separation is not actually true of us and until this one that we imagine our self to be drops away the discomfort present in this concept remains.

This is the plight of the ego, the imagined one, its deepest desire is to die to the illusion of itself and be free, for intuitively every human being knows that freedom means being free from the illusion that one is a separate individual. True freedom is freedom from the imagined individual, it is not freedom for the individual.

When the ego concept is held to be true this desire is paramount as there is the suffering in each and every moment of one’s life experience of the illusion that one holds of oneself.

Although one can fool others into believing that true happiness or enlightenment has taken place one cannot fool oneself for there will be a sense of something lacking in ones moment to moment experience . What is felt as lack is the absence of the wholeness which was present in childhood before the fall into apparent separation took place.

It is this sense of lack which gives rise to seeking. This seeking continues to take place in each and every human form until this sense of separation disappears when it is seen that the imagined one is not an actual entity but simply just another activity arising in consciousness, another thought appearing.

The I or me that is imagined to be what we are is an illusion, an idea, and as such is never safe, it is always under threat from the ever changing circumstances that it finds itself in and so for this one life is fearful. This one seeks comfort and security in each and every moment, it is always looking for a better constructed image of itself in its desire to be something.

The truth is that we are not a something but this within which the something makes its appearance. We are the subject not the object, the witness of the image and not that image itself. As this witness we are ever present and unchanging, unlike that which is witnessed which is ever changing and different in each moment. As the imagined one we are always in the becoming process but as the one that we truly are we are simply Being, ever present and timeless.

When being-ness is recognized to be the truth of oneself then there is again wholeness with no sense of being something or someone and it is seen that this absence of any image is actually the eternal presence, one’s true nature. Within this presence all that appears does so as One and this One-ness is one’s Self.



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“All the suffering of humanity, both collectively and of the apparent individual, comes from one belief: the idea that we are separate things within a universe that is based upon separation.
When the falsity of this is seen through by inquiry the suffering gives way to the seeing of Oneness.”

Pure innocence

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Pure innocence

Staying in a friends house in the forest I took a walk. The foot was about to come down and suddenly this appeared, so quiet, so present, so…… non-separate.
I watched as mum returned and returned to my friends house.

The claiming

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                    The claiming.

When there is thinking of a future or past moment, as in planning or remembering, there is conceptualising. All attention is on the words of a story arising as the mind. If there is interest in the story the attention then continues to fuel it and this leads to its continuation in time. The attention of the moment is broken or split from the perceptual reality to the conceptual reality, which, although appearing to be real enough, is in fact not at all real but a figment of imagination.

As a young child this did not happen as the attention was not encumbered by conceptualising, but was conscious only of what was perceived. What was perceived was what appeared, NOT what was imagined to be appearing. The mind of a child does not conceptualise but is present to what appears as a reflection to the senses, the room, the moon, mums face etc. It holds no thinking process.

In a sense the child is a feeling being only. As an adult there is a split second between the attention being in perception and the attention habitually being drawn to the conceptualising so there is a very short period of time when one is rested at the level of the percept before the split in the mind takes place. As a result of this as an adult one becomes a thinking being.

As an adult we do have this perceptual moment but are unable to remain present to it before we are separated into subject to object relationship. Just a split second before this happens we are One with the object, in fact we ARE it and there is no sense of separation. Consciousness and its object are always One and when this is true of the moment there is no sense of being someone or something viewing something or someone. The moment that the attention by habit jumps from being what IS to being an apparent two is where or when the ego arises.

The ego is a habitual thought that arises to claim what IS in the moment as being a result of its presence. The so-called THINKER appears AFTER the thought claiming to be the producer of the prior thought, it itself is but another thought arising as all other thought does from what witnesses the appearance of all thought.

I see, I think, I feel etc. are all claims made after identification with the object seen have been made. The fact that seeing, thinking and feeling have occurred is true but it is NOT a fact that something or someone calling itself I or me has produced them. This I or me is an idea, a belief, a concept, another thought arising.

If attention is able to remain present to what IS the bringing into play of the splitting of attention into subject and object relationship does not occur and there is Oneness. In this Oneness there is Awareness of being what is in that moment, the I and the object are One and so no subject to object relationship is present. Where there is no splitting of what is essentially One consciousness, there is Oneness. The I is what IS, what is IS I.

When I is alone it has no means of being aware of itself, this is only possible once the I itself creates out of itself an object to appear within itself to be aware of. When this occurs there is Oneness with what appears, if the splitting of what is essential One takes place then the subject to object relationship takes place and I lives in apparent duality, apparent separation.

Seeing that thought is an object appearing AFTER the splitting has occurred and that thought itself is the one that claims to be the one that is doing the done action it cannot be a true identity but an identification with an object that has already appeared. This apparent entity is therefore not an entity at all but an activity, the identifying with an action. The ego therefore is an activity of which the true entity is the action of witnessing itself. The ego in truth is neither the producer nor the doer, as it claims to be, of anything that takes place, it itself being superseded by the witnessing. As the witness(ing) is superseded by nothing when the object is removed from the situation the witness must therefore be Nothing, Emptiness, Absence, bound neither by the objective nor the subjective relationship. Our true identity does not identify with itself because it has no requirement to do so as it is always in conscious Awareness of itself as Nothing, prior to that appearance that it itself brings into play to create the illusion of time and space.

The true identity of ALL things AND the Nothing is absence. True presence is absent of any sense of thingness.

If what has been stated is intuitively understood it will be seen that it is totally futile for the ego, which is a misidentified with already appeared object, to do anything at all to remove its identification with itself as a someone or something for in so doing it continues to try to reinstate and reinforce itself as the doer. All and any methods therefore to eradicate the pseudo self ( the ego) to reveal the true Self cannot achieve their intended goal, but will continue to fuel the concept of a me as the subject of an objective reality thus resulting in the continuation of apparent duality and suffering.

Once this is clear and obvious a letting go takes place in which no one is involved.


One’s self is One Self.

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“There is One Self, you and I are that same One.

Our illusion is that we are two, yet there is absolutely nothing to substantiate this anywhere in Life.

You and I are therefore no more than a concept, a configuration of the mind. The apparently separate parts of creation are One unbroken whole.”