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Pure innocence

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Pure innocence

Staying in a friends house in the forest I took a walk. The foot was about to come down and suddenly this appeared, so quiet, so present, so…… non-separate.
I watched as mum returned and returned to my friends house.


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  1. Dear Avasa, you have to hear this:
    I just read this post of yours, then I walk into my back garden and I see something lying on the ground. I take a better look and I see this puppy seagull looking at me. So quiet, so present…He must be just fallen uit his nest from the roof. ..
    Now a few hours later the little bird is rescued, and I come back to my laptop, still showing your post, and I write this…

    • So quiet, so present. . . . . just witnessing, fresh out of Emptiness, and the mind stops! temporarily LOL
      We are never apart huh? even our worlds reflect the similarities of our being One.
      A hug Avasa


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