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A thought is a thing, an object, more subtle than a physical form but nevertheless an object. Feelings too are objective, they can be felt and so therefore they too are objects and also come under the heading of a thing.

When a thought is present that states there is someone or something it is simply a thought appearing in that particular way, at another time it can appear as a thought about a flower or the weather or any other topic.

There is no actual person present in a thought about a person than there is actually any sweetness or sugar in a thought about sugar, it is simply a thought.

All that is assumed to be a person doing the thinking or feeling is found in the thinking process itself, there is no actual person therefore but simply a thought or feeling about a person manifesting.

This thinking or feeling about there being a person present is an activity arising, it is action only and nothing more.

In this way it can be said that there is thinking or feeling but no thinker or feeler that is prior to the action, or during it, appearing to be responsible for it.

These action are not responses to anything, they are simply appearances that have no prior producer or creator. They are simply manifesting from nowhere, from nothing.

One such thought manifests as the idea that there is someone witnessing the thoughts but upon closer scrutiny this action too can be seen to be yet another action only. When looked at closely all that is assumed to be a someone is no more than action manifesting as the play of mind.

The witnessing of the presence of these actions is not done by anyone at all, they are simply witnessed. That which witnesses the actions is itself a non-active presence which is absent of any qualities whatsoever, lacking any qualities of any sort it is absolutely nothing. This non-objective presence is what the imagined person actually is. A person is an idea, a thought arising and nothing more than that.




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Not much to say, just me, just like your view of yourself when the images are not identified with.

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  1. Most times, I find this idea of me being just an idea or mere thought terrifying and inconceivable. And yet sometimes, something somewhere, just for a few seconds, feels it as utmost freedom. And then it’s gone…
    I wish I could let go.

    • Yes exactly, when true hearing takes place the immediate response is experienced as an expansion from the contraction around an imaginary me.
      So in that moment there is no fear. just the experience of expansion but very rapidly the mind, based upon the me concept being upheld, jumps in to save itself and quickly sticks the label of fear on what just a split second before was expansion to infinity. Nothing, space !
      The terror is felt because in that immediate moment the me is dying.
      In order for what is wished for to take place there has to be the seeing that there is no one to DO the letting go.
      The wish itself is an activity manifesting and being witnessed by the One that is eternally free, the witness, Nothingness.
      The desire to let go comes from the idea that there is SOMEONE bound, this imagined someone is too just a thought arising.

      • Master Avasa,
        I have decided to go to the August retreat, but now I have a feeling that this decision isn’t a decision at all, but something just happening, unfolding.
        The more I seek the less I know…

      • The decision to go to the retreat, like all things, happens.
        There truly is no decider and many there will agree with you on this, Life lives these forms, these forms do not live Life.
        There will come a time when all that the body/mind does will be seen to be simply happening, the sense of being the doer of what is taking place will be no longer present. All then will be seen, by no-one, to be action only.
        The more the seeking gets closer to what is being sought the less there is until finally there is the answer, Nothing!
        The seeking action ends!

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