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It happens to anyone.

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One of the things about this realisation is that it happens to anyone, not to people who are special in the eyes of others but ordinary folk like you and I. From  time to time I receive an email that confirms that this seeing has taken place in another form and it is clear when it has by the way the attempt to describe it is expressed.

This is an email that I received today which melts into the Emptiness as it is read.

I have not asked the permission of the one who sent it as I know that it is also known in the form that it was written through that there is no need to ask. It is signed simply …… J. If J wishes to say more and claim the email I am happy for that.

As you read it realize that if the mind is telling you that it only happens to special or lucky people it is just the mind’s story, do not be concerned it’s stories do not prevent the moment of seeing in any way.



I was walking by a park yesterday and came under a canopy of trees. The
wind was blowing and all these small leaves were falling all around me. 
My thoughts came back to an analogy you made in the DVD of the 2011 
satsang you sent, that we (as apparently manifest body-minds) are all 
leaves in the wind in essence -- hollow tubes. This body was just a 
leaf in the wind falling with the other leaves in the wind in that 
moment. It made me smile.If you have anymore spare DVDs of your 
satsangs I would appreciate anything you send along... as would my 
brother and mother, I'm sure (they both loved your 2011 satsang, 
especially my brother who got a glimpse of the Seeing when you used
the post-card analogy)

People asked me how was my 4th of July and if I got to see the 
fireworks. How do I tell them that the fireworks are all around 
all the time, that I am just as amazed by the sight of literally 
anything at literally anytime as I am by the sight of fireworks 
on the 4th of July? Still trying to figure out how to communicate
that one... hmmm!

Never did "I" think that This -- I -- could be so full of splendor!!
Wherever "I" look, this is where I am. Whenever this body moves to a 
new location, I see that I was always there -- that this body only 
moved from me and arrived at me; no movement actually ever took place! 
Experiencing/witnessing is simply profound beyond comprehension or 
even belief at this point -- I as mind continue to be blown away, 
because I continue to experience the continuation of being blown 
away by the factuality of My Presence, which persists even when Mind
does not.

The Emptiness that I am sees that I am not an object and so cannot 
even be re-cognized at any particular moment. The Self-Recognition or
the  Enlightened State seems more like a feedback to the 
Emptiness/Witnessing (which I cannot claim as personal or as relating
to "me"), wherein the factuality of the Witnessing Presence itself is
the implication that "I am actually not at all, Only This actually Is".
I think you once said it,that enlightenment is when the Emptiness (and
not "me," as the mind-energy of re-occurring self-identification) sees
that it was never a thing in the first place.

I was asked a couple of months ago where is it I think that I go when I 
die... to this question I asked "Where is it do you think you are, 
right now, when you are alive!?" No one has yet to answer this question 

Is not this whole show of "I" simply awesome? Simply awesome, man.


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