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Another beautiful email of seeing taking place. There may have been a time when self realization was a rare occurance but these days my email box tells otherwise.

From Dioni

I always thought that I would become someone, a master in a field of 
I always felt a mystery in the life that had to be unveiled.
But life replies, you are no-one, and stronger is the effort to 
understand the mystery deeper is the sense of misunderstanding.
When death comes it is clear that all the stories, all the researches, 
all the thoughts had has nothing to do with what you are.
When death comes fear happens and when the fire of fear has dissolved 
everything present, there's nothing.
So empty that there's not place neither for the idea of a world, and so 
fullness that there's no place for anything.
In This I die, in This I am.


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Not much to say, just me, just like your view of yourself when the images are not identified with.

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