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Dissolving the suffering

“Sorry, but I have a bit of confusion… We create what is outside of us – so also something that produces in us suffering – to be able to stay with that feeling of pain. It happens nevertheless to me that at times I go to bed very surrine in the evening and in the morning I feel like crap and if I look for the reasons I dont find them, even if at that point all around me, relantionships, situations are influenced by it, and even the weather becomes grey. There is no something outside that provokes this pain, it is like a tight knot, but this pain presents itself often, it disappears like magic and after a while is again present. I hug you”.



Until it is seen that all is One and one is stabilised in this seeing there will be areas where one is not emotionally connected and so certain areas and things will obviously point out the fact that in those places there appears to be separation, this is the knot that you say is felt. It is the contraction of energy that is a recoil from what one is present to in that particular moment.
In order for these moments of recoiling from things to go away one only has to stay with whatever sensation is present at that time. As one does so the contracted energy begins to loosen up and eventually is no longer held in contraction. Often then, when the sensation dissolves, there is the arising at am intellectual level of what it was about that particular object that gave rise to the recoil, this however is not the rule and neither is it a necessity for once the recoiling from that particular thing is no longer present it is simply no longer a problem that needs to be dealt with by understanding anyway.

It is of course possible that something in a dream state can also give rise to this contracting in the same way as it happens when one is in the waking state, this then would account for the fact that you go to sleep feeling great and wake up feeling crap.
Those areas that we are not open and connected to are unconscious in us and it is not possible to know what or where they are until we become aware of them subconsciously, which means that they are already surfacing to be recognised consciously. As this is happening we take them on as sensation and if the sensation is allowed to dissolve into us it disappears, The object then has returned to its source, the one that witnesses it.

By being aware that doing anything towards personally dealing with these things we actually feed them and their continuation we naturally do nothing and in this doing nothing, where no one is doing anything at all, they dissolve.

By doing nothing I am not suggesting that there is someone present who can do the doing nothing. Doing nothing is what takes place when what has been previously unconscious has been noted to be arising as a sensation that is uncomfortable, at this point there is a developing awareness to the point of being conscious of what has been there all the while which one intuited was preventing connecting fully with ones situation and this then when left alone to unfold surfaces and dissolves. It is all simply happening  without help from an imaginary somebody.
Yes it is true even the greyness of the weather is a reflection along with all else.

As the One that creates all you are not the body or the mind as they too are reflections, created objects, so when finally they too are fully embraced they also dissolve into the One who was the witness of them and all else all along, Then a big sigh arises, One is home.
A BIG hug Avasa


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