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Please Note . . . . ALL events with Avasa are donation based. The amount given is left up to the participant.

Ricorda . . . . TUTTI  gli eventi con Avasa sono a donazione. L’importo della donazione è lasciata al partecipante.

satsang ( Talks )



24th of April- 5th of May, in Hotel ” La Selva” in Casole d’Elsa (SI), Italy.

24 aprile- 5 maggio presso Hotel ” La Selva” a Casole d’Elsa (SI).

(It is possible to come also just for few days or one day – E’ possibile partecipare anche solo ad una giornata)


INFO / +39 320.8468776

booking hotel mail to


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  1. I highly recommend to attend the retreat. I can testify directly that something happens that changes the way you live, freeing the mind from restrictive patterns and fears that creep into it. The real living is free and full, it is sweet and full of joy, and this has been forgotten. The talks of Avasa don’t give you any knowledge or practice to follow, but simply point the finger at what you really are and that it was hidden.Your true nature is so full that it wants nothing more than to be joyful and peaceful.

    If your life is not so then maybe it’s the right time to give it a break and start to really have fun in this game of life.

  2. I am gonna come 🙂

    • Hey Dharma
      from where to where ? LOL
      I is always just here, just this, and ……. things come and go in it …
      be good to share the space with you again
      A hug Avasa

      • LOL…it’s true!
        ok, to be more precise…a beautiful young man with curly hair is going to attend the retreat to look for young women 🙂 You know, I need a small revise from you about that topic. But nothing personal in it LOL

      • I know you better than to believe that this is the reason you come to a retreat.
        Anyway personal reasons for doing what we do are not THE reason why we do things, they are just the Divine whispering in our ear enticing us to be where the Divine wants to get us to.
        P.S. there are no ladies booked for the retreat, they heard that you might be coming LOL

  3. I know Avasa, I was just joking. Actually, I just feel I have to come, nothing more than that. Your words on the first comment, very simple and direct, helped me to remind the nature of things. Life is easy when you see things simply for what they are. “I is always just here, just this, and ……. things come and go in it …” What else? 🙂

  4. I would like to tell you, but after you would tell all those things about oneness and that we are not separated 🙂 LOL

  5. Hello everybody-nobody! I met my Self when meeting Avasa and the and I can truly recommend for all (of my Self) that has (almost) had enough of searching listen what this guy has to say. LOL. It’ll be just YOU talking to your self and meeting your self:-)

    with endless(and beginningless) gratitude and love

    • Rubai my love
      Lovely to read this just after the new year bells.
      Its a long while that we have not seen one another and yet when are we ever apart.
      May there be a magic new year ahead.
      BIG hug and much love Avasa

      • Ciao Amore!!

        You and all you guys have been in the thoughts a lot lately and then also Marga called and told that she had met you..
        Then I came here to check if you are planing some retreats or satsags for this winter-spring in Italy since we get a lot of people coming from around the world (like kind of wwoofers) and really nice sharing with many who also would be interested to meet you and making some re-treats;-)
        By the way, if you are ever coming to Milano, please let us know!!
        Amazing new year&
        Huge hugs to you as well from your friends Ruby & Sam

        PS.we (apparently;) have three wild girls now, Vida was born here in our kitchen 15months ago:) Life is life!

      • Your site is lovely!
        I met up with my son recently after 25 years ( he was three years old when we were saw one another), coincidently he lives in John Seymours old house in Wales LOL
        I am in the process of emptying the house in Wales and and moving to the South of France as our apartment in Sicily was burnt by lightening last June and of course no insurance LOL
        There are plans for something happening, maybe in France, on a much bigger scale.
        I have been asked to do talks in Milan this spring so if I decide to do so I will let you guys know.
        Lovely to get an email from you and know that Life is good to you all.
        Life is good to those who love Life.
        A hug Avasa

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