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Egoless action

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No enquiry is necessary

“Today I was reading of the ‘ vacuity’ of the form and non form, and how is difficult to understand the concept of it. I did not get which kind of enquiry should be done”.

Do not be so bothered about enquiry, it is simple.
You are not the body because it is an object that you SEE
You are also likewise not the mind because that too is objective.
What remains that is witnessing the appearance and disappearance of these two is what you are, very simply you are Awareness.
As awareness you can only be aware of yourself directly without any means or techniques etc
If attention is able to remain aware of this awareness all else will drop into place without effort and if attention is not able to do this it is simply not yet time for this to be steady, no effort will bring it about.
You are already Awareness, there is nothing to be added.
If there is a problem at all it is because it is too obvious and simple and the mind tries to DO it LOL


Free falling

How one enters into any new situation in one’s life is the deciding factor of how one passes through that situation. How one passes through it is what decides the outcome and the further unfolding in ones outer life.

If fear is present as one approaches this new situation it is this fear that will dictate the outcome of what will be experienced. There will therefore be a holding back to what one imagines one already knows.

If there is no fear present the outcome will be dependent on and dictated by this lack of fear. There will be a welcoming of what arrives, a willingness to enter the unknown with trust.

This is true in each and every circumstance where we are faced with a situation for which we have no blueprint, that we have no past experience of.

Considering that there is the possibility of a much talked about quantum change in these next few weeks to a predicted new dimension are we ready for this leap in consciousness?

If beforehand we have been open and willing to awaken to this possibility we will naturally have taken in information to the point of intuiting it.

When we intuitively understand something we cannot fear that same thing as our fear of anything is always due to our ignorance of it. If therefore we understand to the point of intuitively understanding fear cannot be present in that particular circumstance.

This means quite simply that if we enter any new moment in our Life openly without fear it is because we have beforehand been open to the given information and so we are prepared for for that new moment.

The concept of living in a new dimension would require the being open to and the taking in a lot of information that would seem at least a bit outside the normal boundaries of sanity as we would have no prior blueprint in this three dimensional reality for what may come in another dimension.

Maybe this quantum jump will not take place but in a sense that does not matter as if the willingness, the readiness, to embrace whatever life brings is present every moment of every day this itself will be a stepping into the unknown and a letting go of yesterday, a detaching from the past.

In this way one is already in another dimension and Life can, and will, move in a way that is magical and without limitation, without fear.

Why wait another day or even another moment for what predictions promise is to come? If one is open and willing to receive the new right now the jump has already taken place and what is promised in a carbon seven world in a future moment will be found to have already been here all along.

In this way another dimension will be just another experience, another new day like all the ones you have experienced.

Trust and let go, just jump without seeing where or whether you will land and in this free falling you will be free, free of the you of yesterday. True freedom is freedom from the concept of being someone. This realization that one is not a person IS the new dimension.


The Master Dreamer

In the Toltec tradition a human being is born into the dream of another human being who has reached a point of intuitive understanding that has given them the ability to redream the world. This one who has this ability is known as the Master Dreamer.

Such a one rearranges the dream of Life in such a way that the outer circumstances give greater ability for those alive at that time to realise their ability to become also a Master Dreamer.
The deepest desire of the one who becomes a Master Dreamer is to realise this ability to redream the world, the second desire is that all who are alive within the dream realise their ability to dream the the world.

The first step in this skill of dreaming the world is to realise that feelings and thoughts are the building blocks of what appears outwardly as the world. Once this is realised the skill of creating a new world appearance develops.
From the very begining of this initial realisation the redesiging of the world begins.
In this process one returns to ones natural state and regains the ability to see through the eyes of love, love then is the guiding hand that paints the new picture of the world.
The ability to dream a world in which all benefit is here as the result of all those who reached the position of Master Dreamer, both now and in the past.
Are you ready to drop all the beliefs that you have so far relied upon, which are all secondhand information, and begin to dream the world that you wish to see manifest?
This ability is yours right now, it is your birthright.

“Blessed are the dreamers for they shall inherit the world” J.C.

With much Love Avasa

The master is You

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Just ordinary people.

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Another beautiful email of seeing taking place. There may have been a time when self realization was a rare occurance but these days my email box tells otherwise.

From Dioni

I always thought that I would become someone, a master in a field of 
I always felt a mystery in the life that had to be unveiled.
But life replies, you are no-one, and stronger is the effort to 
understand the mystery deeper is the sense of misunderstanding.
When death comes it is clear that all the stories, all the researches, 
all the thoughts had has nothing to do with what you are.
When death comes fear happens and when the fire of fear has dissolved 
everything present, there's nothing.
So empty that there's not place neither for the idea of a world, and so 
fullness that there's no place for anything.
In This I die, in This I am.


This ‘n that.

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” I am that by which I know that I am ”
Nisargadatta Maharaj.
“I am THIS by which I know that I am ”